Why List with Norhill?

Surprisingly, we hear a common refrain from a lot of our prospective clients. They seem to think that all Realtors do pretty much the same thing. It is true that there are some basic functions of a Realtor, such as taking photos of the home, providing price opinions, and marketing real estate. However, the success of a good Realtor or real estate firm is not what we do differently….it’s how well we do the things we do.

Your home is one of your largest assets. When picking a Realtor, do your home work.  Here’s what sets Norhill apart:


Our founders, Mark Brawley and Vincent Biondillo, have over 10+ years experience in Houston’s real estate market. Norhill Realty has been selling Real estate in the Inner Loop since 2008.


At many of the big real estate firms, agents are still on an island to themselves. The brokerage is simply a marketing company that employs a lot of sales contractors. At Norhill, we are a team driven organization. Our agents are not on an island. We collaborate on all of our transactions. When you get one Norhill agent, you get them all.


Just do a quick Google Search for Norhill Realty. You’ll find that we have over 100+ reviewed across Google, Zillow.com, and Trulia.com. Norhill Realty is one of the top rated Realtors in Houston.


In order to present your home in its best light, home staging is integral. We employ a professional stager on every home, without exception Terminate any time:  Sell your house for free:  We work for you, and only you: We do not work both sides of the deal.


We would never want a client to continue in a listing agreement that they felt was not in their best interest.  So we allow our clients to terminate our agreement at any time and we will remove the listing and cancel our agreement within 48 hours.


A common question that we get from our clients is “what happens if a buyer without an agent wants to buy our house?”  The answer is that we only represent you.  If a buyer without representation wants to make an offer, we recommend that they self-represent or we can recommend that they hire an agent.  If the buyer decides to self-represent, we will have them sign a disclosure and your overall brokerage commission is reduced to 3%.  This ensures that our sellers receive our undivided attention and advice through the selling and negotiating process.


If you find a buyer through your own network such as a family member or friend, you can terminate our agreement and pay no commission.  If you prefer to continue with our agreement in this situation, we will reduce our commission to 1% and will provide our standard selling advice and manage the process from contract to closing.

Feel free to continue browsing our site and learn more about our approach to real estate. If you are ready to interview one of our agents, click here to schedule an appointment.