Showing your Home and Follow-up

After your home is listed with Norhill and live on the market, I continue to collect information from the market to keep you better informed on the feedback and data I receive from touring prospects, agents, and online. Here’s my approach to market feedback and how I keep you informed on the signals we receive from the market.


Following up with leads and prospects is one of the simplest job functions that I have as Realtor.  However, you would be surprised how many inquiries go without response or follow-up.  My focus is to follow-up within minutes, not days. I also aggressively follow-up with all prospects that have toured your home so I can gain valuable insight into their showing. Shockingly, I also answer the phone when they call back!  Again it sounds simple, but unfortunately, it is an all too common oversight in our industry.


Competitive Market Updates:  I will keep you abreast of your competition even after it goes live on the market. You’ll receive property details as well as photos, so you can see how the property compares to your home.

Showing Traffic: Besides the up to the minute requests you received for showings, you will also receive a consolidated report of foot traffic from the previous week. This will provide you with the number of showings and the most recent feedback received from those prospects.

Online Traffic Report:  I will provide you with online traffic reports for your MLS and pages. This will provide week-to-week traffic levels and level of engagement.

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